Getting to Know Paddington Escorts

By / August 1, 2016

  Are you planning to date Paddington escorts during the summer? That is great news, but we here at the London Escorts Guide understand that there is a lot of confusion between the different services that Paddington escorts offer. A lot gents have contacted us by email to ask us to explain certain terms that… Read more

Come and meet Serenity at Charing cross escorts

By / June 20, 2016

Some escorts really do use odd names. When I forced started to date escorts after my divorce, I found that some of the girls at Charing Cross escorts had some really weird names. One name that stopped me in my tracks, was the name Serenity. It sounded really cool and kind of relaxing. At… Read more

Come and Meet Me

By / June 15, 2016

I am often asked what the worse bit is about living in a big city. Some people say it is all of the noise, but I think it is the loneliness. Before I met Marylebone escorts, I was lonely most of the time, and I cannot say that I enjoyed living here in Marylebone… Read more

Sexiest ladies worldwide

By / June 7, 2016

I adore possessing an exciting time with females from all over the globe, and if you are looking for warm Dark dames, the only place to come is St. Albans companions. St. Albans in south Greater london has a rich Caribbean lifestyle, thus if you want to date very hot Black babes, this is… Read more

Cheap London Escorts Living Life

By / May 31, 2016

We get to meet all sorts of people at London escorts, and like so many other London escorts have dated some celebs. I don’t mind but many celebs seem to go completely off the rails. This one guy I dated managed to totally wreck my life and now my life feels like a train crash…. Read more

A guide when you need Epping escorts

By / May 31, 2016

Epping is actually a wonderful urban area with companions whom you can easily hire when you wish their great solutions. With the type of services that you would require, you will certainly remain in a placement of making sure that you perform enjoy on your own creating your selection properly. This has actually permitted many… Read more

Choosing Between Men

By / May 10, 2016

I really don’t know if I am going to be able to do this, but I need to choose between two men in my life. My boyfriend is lovely but I have also met this really nice at London escorts. We have only been dating over the last three months but I feel that we have… Read more

Kent escorts all for you

By / May 10, 2016

The Westminster Abbey part of London is a very popular area to date a sexy escorts in. More and more global guests are realizing this area per diem, for that reason the Kent thought we ought to have a talk with among the superior commander of the leading Kent escorts agency . The agency has… Read more

Rekindle Your Inner Passion in Dating Gorgeous Dartford Escorts

By / April 27, 2016

Dating Dartford escorts of is an exceptionally sexy ordeal, yet might it be recommended that you can fix to start a date for longer than hour because there are quite numerous gents seem to favor dating Dartford greater more drawn out period of time. A lot of gents that we have addressed seem to… Read more

Going Anal: Exploring The Back Door

By / April 4, 2016

The “back door” or anal intercourse used to be taboo between heterosexual couples, but this is quickly changing. In 1992, a study by the CDC found that 26% of men and 20% of women between 18 and 59 had engaged in anal sex. By 2005, those numbers had risen to 40% and 35%, respectively, for those between 25 and 44 years old.

Anal sex has now entered the main stream, and with good reason. The anus is comprised of muscles, just like the vagina, but these muscles are generally tighter than in the vagina, offering a more pleasurable experience for the male partner. But women aren’t left out of the fun. While some women may find the experience uncomfortable, others find it very enjoyable. The anus contains more nerve endings than the vaginal walls, although not the clitoris, so can provide a pleasurable experience for women as well. In addition, because of the location of the female g-spot, it can be stimulated through anal penetration, potentially leading to the deeper, more satisfying orgasms associated with the g-spot. As an added bonus, the likelihood of pregnancy from anal intercourse is extremely low (although still possible), offering one less worry for women.

For the adventurous couple interested in exploring this uncharted territory there are some things to keep in mind and tips to help on the journey.

• The anus does not create lubrication on its own like the vagina does and is comprised of very fragile tissues that can be easily torn. For this reason, the use of a water-based personal lubricant is always recommended.

• The rectum, or the opening of the anus, is comprised of two sphincters that control the opening of closing of the rectum. These are comprised of many nerve endings that can provide either pleasure or pain; each person’s sphincters will react differently. When penetration occurs, your partner should be relaxed and receptive. Penetration should be slow and careful and if resistance or pain is felt, you should stop immediately. To aid in relaxation, clitoral stimulation can be used to increase arousal.

• Although not a necessity, the receiving partner may wish to empty their bowels first in order to minimize any discomfort. This can also reduce the risk of any “blow outs” or accidents.

• The anal cavity has many microbes that are not found on other parts of the body. For this reason, after anal penetration, the penis should not be inserted into the vagina or mouth without being properly washed first. It is also a good habit to wash the penis after anal sex even if you will not be engaging in further sexual activity. If a condom is being used, discard and use a fresh one for any further sexual activity after anal penetration.

• For those that are hesitant to jump right into anus-penile penetration, sex toys such as beads, plugs and smaller vibrators, or even fingers, can offer an “introduction” to this new activity.

• Most importantly, there is often the misconception that when engaging in anal intercourse you don’t need to use a condom as you would in vaginal intercourse. This could not be further from the truth. Barebacking, or anal sex without a condom, presents the highest risk of contracting an STD of all sexual acts. So, unless you are in a monogamous relationship, make sure to use a condom.

Like any new sexual experience, communication with your partner is key. Anal sex may not be for everyone, but using the tips above, you can be comfortable with exploring its potential.

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