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What is wrong with making money as an escort? Outside the wonderful world of Marylebone escorts, a lot of my friends seem to think that it is wrong to make money as an escort. I don’t agree with that at all. There are lot of professions which make money out of being companions for others, so why are my friends so hung up about escorting? I really don’t get that and I think that they are making too big of a deal out of it. In many ways, we do a public service and I am sure it helps.


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Once you start looking around, you will soon appreciate that is not only Marylebone escorts who make money out of being genuine companions. There are lots of other people who also keep people company and help them out. I am not saying that the girls and me work as carers because we don’t but we do like to look after gents and keep them company. It is a much better way of living your life and making somebody happy. And there is nothing wrong with that at all.

I am not going to say that all Marylebone escorts are good girls because they are not but many of them are. When I am out on a date with a gent, my world revolves around him and I like to do everything that I can to make him happy. I am sure that most escorts are of the same mind as me and like to look after their gents. After all, that is what we get paid for and it is our job to do so. If you get a chance to meet an escort, I think that you will soon appreciate that you may have misunderstood her profession completely.

Sometimes I get really tired of being told that I am a prostitute. Many of my friends who do not know so much about escorting presume that many girls here at Marylebone escorts are prostitutes. That is really far from the truth and I hate being told that I am involved with some sort of sex trade. Lots of the girls that I meet from other escort agencies also say that there friends have the wrong opinion about them and it can be extremely upsetting. I think that is true, and I do know how it feels.

Okay, I am probably not going to work for Marylebone escorts forever but while I do so, I think that I deserve a bit of respect. There are thousands of girls in London who work as escorts and do a really good job. On top of that, all of the escorts that I know in London pay their own way and do not ask for nay hand outs. I think that we are some of the most hard working girls in London. This is a job which allows you certain freedoms and you have to stand up for it. Most workers like us are recognized in other countries. I keep on wondering why the government are so reluctant in recognizing that London escorts exist and do actually contribute to society today.

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