Choosing Between Men

I really don’t know if I am going to be able to do this, but I need to choose between two men in my life. My boyfriend is lovely but I have also met this really nice at London escorts. We have only been dating over the last three months but I feel that we have a real connection. He is really exciting to be with and fun at the same time. What I really like about my date at London escorts is that he has a load of life experience and I think that is super important. Yes, it would be nice if we could spend more time together.

My boyfriend is nice but I don’t like the fact that he seems to have no ambition at all. If we stay together, I think that I am going to have to work really hard all of my life to make sure that we have all of the things that we need. My new friend at escorts in London have done really well for himself. Yes, he is a bit older than I am but he has his own house and a really nice car. To me, that proves that he has been working hard for most of his life. I have worked hard at London escorts so I know that you have to make sacrifices.

Philip, my date at escorts in London, also travels a lot. My boyfriend on the other hand does not really like to travel, and we seldom go on holiday. If my boyfriend wants to go somewhere, he always goes to the Costa del Sol in Spain. We end up in some bar drinking beer or just sitting on the beach. It is okay, but Philip does far more exciting things. Last month I did not see him at escorts in London for two weeks as he went on a cruise around Japan. I would love to have done that.

I love to dress well and I know that this is something that Philip appreciates. He is always dressed super nice, and looks so contemporary but classic at the same time. Philip has the most wonderful dress sense and a lot of my friends at escorts in London have commented on that. My boyfriend is sort of a jeans and sweater kind of guy. I don’t mind, but I find it really refreshing dating a guy who makes an effort all of the time. Whenever I see Philip at escorts in London, he looks great and he smells really nice at the same time.

I don’t know what to do. I have been with my boyfriend for a couple of years and I know that he would get upset if I dropped him. At the same time I do have this thing about Philip. He is just so handsome and he has the most exciting lifestyle. I think that he has feeling for me as well but we have not spoken about it. It is just that we feel so comfortable around each other. When you spend a lot of time with gents, you can quickly tell how they feel around you. I have noticed that Philip is always relaxed around me so that means that he feels really good about me.

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