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We get to meet all sorts of people at London escorts, and like so many other London escorts have dated some celebs. I don’t mind but many celebs seem to go completely off the rails. This one guy I dated managed to totally wreck my life and now my life feels like a train crash. It is horrible and my mom is not even speaking to me at the moment. I can totally understand that. She is widow and has a lot to cope with already. I think that I actually broke her heart and did so for good.

I had not been seeing this guy at cheap London escorts for a very long time when he asked me to join him on a private jet for a trip to Europe. It was not my first time on a private jet, but I still found it kind of exciting. He could have picked any girl from cheap London escorts for sexy weekend away, but he picked me. I felt really good about it. Not only was I going to get a weekend away, but I was also going to earn some serious money on my date. It was really good and would seriously boost my income for the month.

At first everything went fine, and me managed to get to Venice without being spotted. I knew that this guy was married but I figured that Venice was far away enough for us not be recognized. To be honest, I realized now that I was seriously naive. The following morning we got up early and walked around Venice. Little did I know that we were being photographed. My friends at cheap London escorts had told me to wear glasses, but I must admit that I ignored their advice. I should have listened, my friends at London escorts had a lot more dating experience than me.

Just as I got on the plane to go back home, I got a text from one of my best friends at cheap London escorts. It told me to check one of the tabloids online. When I did so, I good have tired of horror. There were images of me and my date. Worst of all, the tabloid had figured out that I worked for vivacious cheap London escorts and my portfolio photos were on the site as well. I was really angry and I knew that my friends and family would find out.

When I got home, I picked up the phone and called my mom. She had already seen all of the photos and was devastated. Mom did not know that I worked for cheap London escorts and did some adult modeling on the side. She was more than angry and told me to call her when she had calmed down a bit. I called her the next day and she said that she needed some space. She could not understand why I had done this. I could see her point, she had worked hard to give me a private education and I had thrown it all away. At the moment I am still escorting but I am looking around for another job. More than anything I would like to make this up to my mom and start over again. That is not going to be easy at all.

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